Sidney Mucha
Portland OR
Posted 07/22/2004 2:24:52 PM PDT

Dave, what an awesome thing you are doing! Iíve enjoyed reading your diary and am looking forward to the next installment. I am reminded of a time many years ago when you went to the beach with us. We stopped at the rest area half way to the beach. There was a trail there that was blacktopped and well marked and we (you and Jeff, Jeffís sister and brother, his dad and I) decided to take a walk. As we walked, the trail and the markings deteriorated until we were on an unmarked dirt path. We werenít sure whether to turn back or forge ahead and were growing panicky. Then we heard what we thought was gun fire. We were really panicky then. The fact that the forest on the other side of highway 26 was on fire didnít help either. We were so glad when we made it back to the parking lot. Iím glad that you are better prepared for your trip than we were for that impromptu hike. I am also reminded of a time back in í71 when 2 friends of mine set out to bike from LA to Detroit. They biked up the coast from LA to Seattle. From there they turned east. I donít know how far east they made it, but it wasnít long before they were hitchhiking and, I think, they rode more than they biked the rest of the way. Iím sure there are many times when you feel like giving up because itís an awesome task. I really admire your tenacity and drive. Keep up the good work. Sidney Mucha (Jeffís mom)