(Mom) Margot Irvin
Elgin, Oregon
Posted 05/28/2004 6:40:53 PM PDT

David, It makes me so happy to see you able to follow your dream of adventure. I've been reflecting on some of your past journeys. How you spent the night outside without provisions by yourself in Boy Scouts for your survival patch, your first camping experience without parents at Haystack Reservoir and the first time you backpacked in for a weekend. I remember you didn't start till dark, it rained the whole time, you used flashlights to see the trail and your buddy totally freaked out, but you did have Kelly dog to watch over you. Then you spent your 3rd year of college in Scotland and went on a 6-week solo tour of Europe during winter break. Driving across the US to move to NYC was a big move. Now you are coming back to the West Coast on a bicycle!!! And like all the other times, I will worry, of course, but I want you to know I am totally behind what you are doing. I'm so proud of you. Your Mom