Day 82 - 8/20
Lincoln City, OR to Forest Grove, OR
85 (4943)

I took it easy this morning, enjoying my bowl of cereal and some NPR. I also looked more closely at the maps I had available to me. The plan was to continue riding along the coast up to Tillamook then ride east towards Portland, stopping at a campground in the coastal mountains. Given the high winds and heavy traffic I had experienced yesterday, I was ready to get more inland. So I decided that I’d head that way through McMinnville up to Forest Grove, home of Pacific University, my alma mater. I could think of half a dozen different places I could stay or people I could stay with.

I called Tim O’Malley, who works in Univeristy Relations at Pacific and has taken an interest in my trip. I at first asked him who I should speak with to find out about camping out by the soccer field, but he countered by graciously offering me the guest suite in my old dorm building, Walter Hall.

The ride through the Coastal Range was a breeze, with a summit of about 700 feet (the alternate through Tillamook that I had planned to take was about 1700 feet). The weather grew increasingly hot in the valley, with temps in the 90s. I stopped in McMinnville for a picnic lunch at the town park, finishing up a lot of the food that I’d been carrying in my bag.

I made it to Forest Grove at about 5 and was greeted by Tim who welcomed me to my home for the night. It’s great to be back at Pacific. Walking around this evening, I was overwhelmed with nostalgia. I feel like I have a memory from every spot on campus–course it is a small campus. I had dinner at Pizza Schmiza, but was unable to get a beer because I’m not carrying ID. D’oh.