Day 81 - 8/19
Mapleton, OR to Lincoln City, OR
96 (4858)

I ended up moving my camp spot last night from the cozy school courtyard to a dark area behind the pool. I was surprised then at 6 am to realize that I was right outside of the indoor pool's windows. A bunch of old guys getting in their morning laps were looking out onto a bike and some goofy hammock.

I scooted out quickly and rode on through thick coastal fog to Florence, the end of the TransAm. Bye trail, good to know ya. Unless my bike grew fins, I was all out of westbound road. I headed north up highway 101 to enjoy the Oregon Coast Bike Route.

I passed a lot of people going to the south, and here's why:
1. The winds are very strong and they're blowing from the north
2. The ocean and all the scenic turnouts are on the west side of the road
3. The shoulder tends to be better over there

So I had a hell of a day. The winds were brutal, and the hills had steep grades the likes of which I haven't seen since the Ozarks. 101 was unbelievably busy. As I entered Newport I spotted a little fish and chip shack, but I couldn't get across the road. Maddening.

But the coast is very beautiful, I just don't remember it being this popular. And the temperature is perfect: mid-60s to 70.

Tonight I'm at Devil's Lake CG in Lincoln City, enjoying a hiker/biker site for $4. Score! I walked on down the road and had fish, chips and beer at Maxwell's.