Day 80 - 8/18
Blue River, OR to Mapleton, OR
110 (4762)

The chilly morning encouraged me to skip the cereal and seek out some hot food. About 15 miles down the road I stopped at the Vida Cafe and had a huge breakfast that was rivaled only by the meal I had a week ago in Halfway. Boy I love these big, Oregon lumberjack breakfasts.

I cruised right through Eugene, taking very little of it in. I can say that the town does have great bike paths.

I stopped for lunch at a small town called Crow, taking shade at the local high school. I met the maintenance guy as he was getting ready for school to start. He was kind enough to invite me into the lounge and load my bottles with ice water.

The coastal range proved pretty tame. I went through my first tunnel. There was a button at the entrance that activated a flashing sign, alerting traffic that a cyclist was coming through.

Tonight I'm sleeping in the courtyard of a high school, freshly showered at the local pool. I feel a bit vulnerable at the school because it's so isolated. If I were a rowdy teenager, I'd definitely hang out here.