Day 75 - 8/13
Dayville, OR to Bend, OR
124 (4568)

Had a lovely night sleeping on the sacred floor of the church. I woke up early and snuck out so as not to disturb the other cyclist that showed up last night. I threw my panniers on and was out the door by 6.

I started out the day with a beautiful ride through the John Day Fossil Beds and Picture Gorge. I've driven through it a dozen times, but it's always more spectacular on bike. I then began my first 2,000 foot climb of the day. Not so bad, nice and gentle.

By noon I had descended to Mitchell to take off up my next 2,000 foot climb up Ochoco Pass. This one was steeper and the sun was out in full force. I made my climb slowly, excited to reach the rest area at the top for lunch. It's the first rest area I've been to that didn't have a picnic table, so I stopped in the shade provided by the outhouses. I took a long lunch and listened to live coverage of the John Kerry speech in Portland on my little radio.

After lunch I took off downhill and arrived at Ochoco Reservoir to call my mom. She had considered driving out to camp with me that night, but with it only being 3:30, I decided to push on to Bend.

It was a long, hot push, making it my longest day of the trip. But the rewards are worth it. I'm with family now at my grandma's home, taking the weekend off and having a party on Saturday.