Day 73 - 8/11
Oxbow, OR to Phillips Lake, OR
97 (4348)

It was a really warm night, making it easy to get up at 5:30 and beat the heat out of the canyon. 18 miles later I arrived at the town of Halfway, recently renamed to Half.com, "America's First Dot.com City." I had an amazing breakfast with a huge omlete and a giant pancake--the biggest I've come across. I was only "halfway" through my breakfast before I was totally stuffed.

From there it was 50 miles through barren desert. I finally arrived at Baker City where I restocked on groceries and grabbed some lunch in the historic downtown. 20 miles out of town, I'm camping at the most peaceful spot I've stayed at this trip. I'm tucked far away from all the RVs right on the lake. I've seen several deer rumaging through the woods near me and I keep hearing elk bellow all around. The camphost is supposed to come by and collect $12, but I'm not sure they'll be able to find me.