Day 72 - 8/10
New Meadows, ID to Oxbow, OR
91 (4251)

Woke up to a very chilly morning-according to my thermometer, it was 33 degrees. Plus it was a humid night, so none of my clothes dried out.

I put on the sopping wet clothes and headed out. It's amazing how quickly the temperature can go from 33 to 100. I had a nice ride all the way to Cambridge, with tailwinds guiding me along most of the way. The only incident was some bug that smacked into me while I was going downhill at near 40 mph. It stung me good, making my whole shin ache. Fortunately I had some antiseptic that cleared it right up. What an amazing product.

At Cambridge as I turned towards Hell's Canyon, those winds were working against me, making for a tough climb in very hot weather. Once on the banks of the Snake River, I took a dip and had some lunch. From there it was just a short ride to the bridge across the river to Oregon. Then just a couple miles into my home state, a thorn stuck itself into my tire. Another flat.

Tonight I'm camping at Oxbow in the river in Hell's Canyon. I got a warm shower, washing off two days of sunscreen, dirt, sweat, and deet.