Day 70 - 8/8
Powell, ID to Harpster, ID
92 (4064)

Today I said my goodbyes as Greg heads off towards Seattle and I plan to pedal on beyond Wim. The ride along the Losha River is the most beautiful of the trip. Just trees and river for 60 miles. Amazing.

Extra bonus: the river was lined with apple trees, cherry trees and blackberry bushes. I had handfuls of fresh, free fruit.

About midday I ran into Grandma and hatched a plan to share an RV spot tonight up the road. From there it was just a lot of spinning, watching the forest dissappear into a more arrid landscape as I entered Nez Perce reservation. The last 15 miles were as scenic as the first 50 of the day.

I convened with grandma as planned and sleep tonight in the comforts of the RV with a full belly of barbequed food.