Day 69 - 8/7
Lolo, MT to Powell, ID
66 (3972)

It was another one of those windy Bitterroot nights, and I got little sleep on account of my flapping rainfly. I was the first to takeoff into the chilly morning. The ride grew more and more beautiful and colder as the morning progressed. At Lolo Pass I crossed into Idaho and crossed the continental divide for the last time.

As Lewis and Clark first ascended this pass, they had hoped to see smooth plains leading all the way to the Pacific. As an early snow fell on the in September, they were pretty disappointed to see endless mountains.

It was chilly on the pass. I figure if it isn't even above 60 here in mid-August, it's never warm. As we rode down, the temps did improve and the clouds finally broke, revealing a beautiful afternoon.

We camped at a USFS campground that had recently been stripped of all its trees. It was an ugly sight-really the only eyesore of the whole day. We camped in this place anyway because of its proximity to the Jerry Johnson hot springs. Greg and I hiked up the mile trail to enjoy some lukewarm hot springs. A gorgeous setting and relaxing water nonetheless.