Day 66 & 67 - 8/4-5
Glacier National Park
(no bicycling)

It took most of the day to make our way up to Glacier. We stayed at a campground just within the park's borders, as no RVs were allowed up the steep, curvy road through the park. We had a huge BBQ feast for dinner.

The next day Greg and I got up early and hit the village for an avalanche of an omlete. We then took the hikers shuttle up to Logan's Pass to do a 16 mile dayhike along the continental divide ridge. Earlier that morning, my quad was a little sore, but I figured I could walk it off.

Once at the pass we did a small and crowded hike towards Hidden Lake. The pain in my legs got worse, much worse. By the end on my way back down to the parking lot, both my legs had aching pains that stretched from my knees to my waist. I kept stopping, and fat tourists could hardly walk by without making some stupid comment. "Looks like cramps." "Oh, best to stretch that out." Suffering through the worst pain I've felt in years, I best I could retort was a sarcastic thanks.

At the bottom of the hill it was clear that my dayhiking was over. Greg went on to do the awesome hike we had planned. I hung around the visitors center and took the next shuttle back to camp. Glacier was sort of a tease. Amazing scenery all around, but it's clear from looking at any map that the real gems of the park are in the backcountry. I can't wait to come back and explore for a week or so on foot.

And here as the day ends, my legs are feeling better. It looks like I can hold off on my backup plan to float down the Columbia river to Portland.