Day 65 - 8/3
Hamilton, MT to Missoula, MT
57 (3891)

I fell asleep last night watching a storm come in from the west. It wasn't long after I went to bed that the wind really picked up. The tiny trees my hammock was tied between where swaying back and forth. My rainfly was flapping loudly too. There was only a little rain.

I took off on the chilly morning trying to decide the best route to Missoula. The official route took a smaller road that paralleled the main highway, but added about 5 miles. It sounded like a waste to me so I stuck to the highway. After about 10 miles of heavy traffic at 70 mph and flying gravel, I detoured over to the smaller road.

After riding that road for a bit, I was frustrated with the increasing traffic at 65 mph plus there was no shoulder. So I headed back over to the highway, only to run right into 6 miles o road construction. It sucked, but at least I got to see another moose.

As I rode into Missoula, I caught sight of a movie theater I went to when I was in town 4 years ago. I was here for an undergraduate research conference with Prof. Steiger and 3 other students. We saw American Beauty at that theater.

As I rode up to the Adventure Cycling HQ I saw Greg's bike parked out front. He had just beat me there by half an hour. Damn.

As we chatted and looked around at the historic bike pics, I invited him on our RV trip up to Glacier. By the end of the day, it looked like it would be Greg, Wim, Gammy and I all going up to Glacier in the motorhome.

I dropped my bike off at a bike shop in town to have the new wheel installed and the chain replaced. Greg and Wim headed out to stay the night at the KOA. Gammy and I were lucky enough to know someone in town, Robin and Trev-friends of my aunt Kerry. We stayed at their very nice house and went out for mexican for dinner. We also had a few beers and a great time socializing.