Day 62 - 7/31
Ennis, MT to Dillon, MT
74 (3693)

We all took off seperately today. Grandma and I went out to breakfast while Greg used my computer to type out his diary. Vim took off long ahead of us. There was a 2,000 foot climb just outside of town, giving me a chance to catchup to Vim anf get some good pictures. Over the pass, I descended into historic/touristy Virginia City. I met up with Grandma briefly then took off while Greg and Vim stuck around for lunch.

The rest of the day went by quickly through fairly flat land. I saw the Beaverhead Rock that Sacajawea recoginized (finally pulling her weight on the L&C expedition). Yep, everthing was going fine until I hit the last 3 miles of the day. The entire road had been torn up. It was rough goin through Dillion-I'm sure much rougher on the townsfolk who have to live with it for the whole summer. In any case, I managed to get my first flat tire on my front wheel.

Tonight it looks like just Grandma and I giving me a chance to relax and get to go unsupported once again.