Day 59 - 7/28
Grand Tetons, WY to Yellowstone, WY
45 (3483)

There were thunderstorms last night, but thankfully I was in the motorhome. This morning grandma made french toast, eggs and ham while we listened to NPR talk about the Democratic Convention. We were both taken last night by Kerry's wife speech. With all that packed into one morning, I was still able to leave by 7:45.

It was a cold morning, about 45 degrees. I enjoyed the quiet roads and the peaceful chill of the park. Though it wasn't long before the Tetons were out of sight and I was surrounded by forest and meadows.

I hit some road construction between the Tetons and Yellowstone. It was a bit of a delay, but they made up for it by transporting me and my bike in the pilot car through the four miles of construction. Yeah, it's kind of cheating, but I didn't have a choice.

The truck dropped me off right at the gates to Yellowstone. After a quick pass through the gates, I was in Yellowstone riding very narrow roads with some very big rigs. Most of the trip was along the Lewis River Canyon. It was a very deep and scenic canyon, with the road sometimes right at the edge.

I met up with gammy at the Grant Village campground where I enjoyed a shower. We then drove the motorhome up to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, enjoying some of the hot springs and other geothermal spots. The canyon was amazing. We also saw a ton of bison. They're like rats in New York: fearless and plentiful.

When we got back to our campsite Greg was there waiting. We all went out to dinner in the village enjoying some great pizza and Teton Ale.