Day 58 - 7/27
Grand Teton National Park, WY
14 (3438)

We slept in late, which is ok as today is sort of a rest day. I decided to bike part of the route as the Cathedral Group revealed themselves. I have no doubt that scenery looks ten times better from a bike than it does from behind a windshield. I took a ton of pictures, trying to capture the famous Ansel Adams frame.

We met up at Jenny lake and took a hike up Cascade Canyon. I hiked up about 1.5 miles after gammy took the ferry back to the car. There were tons of tourists hiking the mile to Inspiration Point, but after that there was hardly anyone. Nice and peaceful.

A little ways up the trail I found a nice swimming hole with fresh glacier runoff. After going without a shower yesterday, I thought it best to take a dip. I slid in quickly to keep myself from overthinking the decision. The water was so cold I could barely breathe. I dunked my head a few times while hyperventilating. I finally pulled myself out onto the warm rocks. The onlookers thought I was nuts, but it was quite an experience.

After the hike I decided to drive the RV so that gammy could relax and enjoy the views. We drove to the town of Jackson and had some ice cream and iced mocha. Then we drove out of town a ways to the Gros Ventre Lake, a lake that was created in 1925 when an earthquake caused a great landslide that dammed the river below. After the lake we had a beer on the roof at Donovan's Bar, enjoying the view of the majestic Tetons.