Day 56 - 7/25
Lander, WY to Dubois, WY
100 (3359)

Last night while riding back to the RV park in the dark (with a few beers in me) I rode over something that left my tire flat as a pancake the next morning. The first item of the morning was to fix the flat. The second was to eat, then get packed up-basically anything to keep from riding. I was tired, both from a long ride yesterday and the beers I had last night. By 10 we were loaded up and Gammy drove me out of town 20 miles to place where I stopped yesterday.

I felt more awake once I started riding and I made really good time. As I rode into Lander again I felt pretty silly. I should have just finished it out last night.

At noon in Lander, gammy made me peach pancakes, eggs and ham. After that I was off, looking forward to another late-late lunch.

En route I found a cell phone on the side of the road and then found the owner. He was grateful-it's ridiculous how much it costs to replace those little pieces of junk.

There were also amazing views of the Wyoming landscape with a surprising amount of red rock. I ended up meeting Gammy for lunch at 4:30 and arrived in Dubois (pronounced 'dew-boys' out here in cowboy country) at 7:30 at an even 100 miles. I didn't even want to get on a bike today, and I still ended up going 100 miles.