Day 55 - 7/24
Rawlins, WY to Lander, WY
110 (3259)

Camped right across from our RV were two seperate bicyclists. One of them I had passed earlier in the day, an older Dutch guy. The second turned out to be younger and had been following me for just about the entire trip. When I told him my name he recognized me from the various bike registers I had signed. The irony in us meeting up just as I was supported by gammy was made more ironic by his plans to meet up with his dad later in the day.

After chatting with Greg this morning and noting our similar itinerary, I offered to carry his stuff in the RV. Feeling nice and light, we rode out of Rawlins, both of us riding with someone else for the first time.

We stopped for breakfast 33 miles out of town at Grandma's Cafe (no relation to my support driver) and had the customary two breakfasts each. The coffee was self-serve and the cream was thick.

The rest of the ride was pretty fast and it was turning out to be a pretty high mileage day. We didn't meet up with the RV until 4:00 at 91 miles. We had several sandwiches each and Greg waited for his support team to arrive. It's funny how many similar experiences he and I had shared just a few days apart. That is, except for flat tires. In what I call the curse of good fortune, he had his first flat tire of the trip just a mile before lunch.

As Greg's dad and two buddies arrived, I decided to continue down the road solo. It was still another 38 miles to Lander where we were going to stay that night. I decided to go about 15 more miles then call it a day.

Gammy picked me up down the road (it was mostly downhill with an amazing view of the Wind River Range) and we drove to town. I had made plans with Greg to meet them for dinner and beers that night in town. As I was relaxing by the RV I watched him and his two friends cruise in. Tonight over beers and BS, I got to hear about Greg's 128 mile day, which makes my 110 look pretty wimpy, eh?