Day 54 - 7/23
Six Mile Gap, WY to Rawlins, WY
93 (3149)

After a very chilly night, gammy made some blueberry pancakes and I was on my way down the dirt road back on route. It was a great morning and the miles flew by.

We stopped at Saratoga for lunch, named after Saratoga Springs, NY for its own hot springs. I took a few minutes to soak in their "hobo pool",a natural hot spring in the middle of downtown open 24 hours a day.

After lunch I narrowly dodged another thunderstorm then I hit Interstate 80. For some reason, I had really been looking forward to the 13 mile stretch of route that rides on the interstate. Maybe it was just to try something different. Also, there was a lot of nostalgia as it was on I-80 that I drove to New York almost exactly 4 years ago. The headwinds were rough, but there was a huge, smooth shoulder. It was probably one of the safest stretches of the trip.

Before I arrived to Rawlins, the route left the interstate to go through Sinclair, which happens to be the main refinery of Sinclair Oil. Who knows how many carcinogens I was exposed to-I'd have preferred just to stay on the interstate. Heck, I could have stayed on the whole way to Portland and been home in 10 days.

I arrived in Rawlins with Carolyn and Ken, my great aunt and uncle. They drove up from the Denver area just to see gammy and I. They brought lots of goodies for us and took us out to a steak dinner. The steakhouse, unfortunately, was out of steak, but they made a special run to the grocery store for us. I had the biggest steak of my life, 24 ounces. Thanks Carolyn and Ken!