Day 53 - 7/22
Kremmling, CO to Six Mile Gap, WY
91 (3056)

Yesterday afternoon in Kremmling was a bit of a bore. I didn't enjoy being idle, however, several storms did come through town, so I was grateful to be under shelter.

Last night was very chilly-in the 40s. I kept pretty warm wearing all my clothes to bed, but I sure didn't want to get up in the morning. Back in Kansas it made sense to wake up at 5 to beat the days heat. Of course it was 70 degrees all night there. But here it pays to sleep in a little bit and wait for it to warm up to at least 55 before getting underway.

I crossed the Continental Divide again today at 8,889 feet-about the same time I passed 3,000 miles on my odometer. After the pass, I was able to enjoy some nice downhill cruising on less crowded roads. I celebrated by breaking out my CD player.

By 11:30 I encountered my first thunderstorm. It's amazing how the temperature can drop from 85 to 55 and go back up to 85 all within 45 minutes. It makes dressing very difficult.

I made it to Walden at lunch time just before a huge storm arrived. I ate a one pound burger while hail pummeled the streets.

After lunch I made contact with my Grandma Audrey, who was driving her motorhome down from Bend to meet up with me for a while. It looked like we would be able to meet up today after all, at a campground just across the Wyoming border.

I rode the last 26 miles of Colorado road with great anticipation of what lie ahead in Wyoming. Colorado has awful roads-no shoulder, frequent cracks (every few seconds I'm jolted by a "thud-thud"), and a rough surface. I couldn't wait to have it behind me.

Sure enough, there was a distinct change in the road at the border. A wide, smooth shoulder appeared. So long, Colorado!

To celebrate, once I hit the next downhill, I decided to top my high speed record of 39 mph. Pedaling hard and hogging the whole road (there were no vehicles in sight-it's Wyoming) I was able to zip down at 43 mph.

I beat grandma to the campground, which was 2 miles off the highway on a dirt road. It was raining as I arrived, but the real storm hit soon after. Cold temps, high winds, and lots of rain. I put on my raingear, warm clothes, and tied up my rainfly for a little bit of shelter. I was sure looking forward to seeing that motorhome.

An hour later, after the storm, grandma arrived with hot food, a warm bed, and good company. And my dog Kelly is here too.