Day 52 - 7/21
Breckenridge, CO to Kremmling, CO
60 (2965)

Boy, I don't regret for one second my decision to cut yesterday short and stay with the Cooley's. It was such a pleasure. Thanks again Neide and John!

Today was another one of those picture perfect days in the Rockies. The terrain from Breckenridge north changed from pine trees to high desert. Most of the day I was riding along the Blue River with moderate traffic and a lousy shoulder. The roads in Colorado are pretty bad, but the scenery makes up for it.

I arrived to Kremmling by 12:30, unsure whether to stay put or continue into the mountains. I checked with the ranger station and it looked like I could do some wilderness camping up near Muddy Pass at 8,772 feet. I knew rain was coming and that it'd be quite a bit colder up there. Here I had a covered area and a restroom. But it felt so early to stop. It was quite a debate, but I ultimately decided to stay near shelter.

So now I have a whole afternoon to kill. Hopefully another cyclist will
come through to entertain me.