Day 51 - 7/20
Fairplay, CO to Breckenridge, CO
22 (2905)

Woke up to another beautiful, sunny day in the Rockies-which means that thunderstorms would be developing early in the afternoon. It took off towards the mountain pass. By 10 am I was standing on the continental divide at Hoosiers Pass, 11,542 feet. The climb was long, but gradual enough that I was able to make it to the top without a stop. I took a picture, made a few calls from the top, and enjoyed the amazing views.

Then it was 12 fun-fun miles downhill to Breckenridge. As I flew down the hill, I had to stop and pull out my fleece jacket. It was chilly.

In Breckenridge I called Neide Cooley, one of my mentors in the outdoor industry. She picked me up, brought me back to her house and made me breakfast. How kind!

I had planned to continue another 50 miles for the day, but Neide and John were so inviting and the storm on the horizon was so discouraging. So I decided to call it a day at 11 am and see Breckenridge.

My plans to stick around for the day were made more immediate when I noticed a broken spoke on my rear wheel. So no choice but to relax for the day and stay warm and dry while the repairs are made. What a contrast to yesterday!