Day 49 - 7/18
Pueblo,CO to Royal Gorge, CO
61 (2810)

The trip out of Pueblo was easier than I expected-in fact the whole day was pretty easy. The scenery was beautiful with little rocky canyons hosting small streams intersecting the road. I had planned to stop at 41 miles in the town of Florence, but I arrived by 2:30, so I pushed on past Caņon City to a cluster of campgrounds outside of Royal Gorge Park-a complete tourist trap. Shortly after settling into camp, the thunderstorm that I'd seen on the horizon arrived. The storm was brief.

I have a nice little campsite-better than I'd come to expect from a private campground. I have my hammock setup so that I'm looking out into rows of foothills towards the Rockies. There's a thunderstorm over there with bolts of lightning enlarged by the cloud cover and made to glow red from setting sun behind it. It's an awesome sight-much better than cable TV.