Day 48 - 7/17
Pueblo, CO

Once again, I stayed up late last night watching TV. Staying in motels has reassured me that I can never get cable-I'd never get anything done. This time I was watching several episodes of the Ali G show on HBO.

Before mommy left me, we went to the downtown Pueblo area for a walk and lunch. They've put a lot of money towards revitalizing their downtown area and it looks great. Now where are the people? Still in the suburbs at the mall and Walmart.

I picked up my bike all shiny and clean with brand new tires. After that, my mom left town, dropping me off at the movie theater on her way out. It was great to have a companion for a while, and no one could be better than mom (she did my laundry-twice). I'm going to miss her.

At the theater I saw Farenheit 9/11 and Spiderman 2. After the movies I called a cab (the only cab in Pueblo) to get back to the motel. Is that New York enough?

Once back at the motel, I went across the street to Subway to get some dinner. While my sandwich and salad were being made, a very drunk guy stumbled in and over to me. He asked me if I'd buy him a sandwich. The last time someone asked me that, I refused. Then they mugged me. So I figured this time I'd just avoid confrontation and buy the poor guy a sandwich. This guy could barely stand let alone read the board and tell me what he wanted. I kept insisting turkey, so that I could pay for all the food and get out of there while his sandwich was being made. While I paid, he also grabbed a bag of chips. Thanks buddy! He hugged me repeatedly. He also muttered something about needing to get to Mexico immediately. Now I'm wondering if I should have called the police.