Day 47 - 7/16
Ordway, CO to Pueblo, CO
52 (2749)

The big worry of the day was that my rear tire wouldn't make it to Pueblo on this short day. Mom met up with me halfway to make sure that the tire was going to make it. At 15 miles outside of town, it looked pretty clear that it'd be ok. Of course then I hit some road construction, riding along a hot, freshly oiled road. By the time I made it to the Pueblo bike shop, my tires had a solid coat of gravel and dirt secured by a tar coating. I decided to replace both tires.

I took a shower and nap after we arrived. I stayed up late last night watching a stupid movie: Phone Booth. Typical Joel Schumacher garbage. Yep, so I was tired. After a nap, mom and I went to an Italian restaurant for dinner then went to see a good movie: The Terminal.