Day 44 - 7/13
Dighton, KS to Tribune, KS
74 (2574)

Everything went according to plan-within 5 minutes of waking up, I was able to pack everything and get to the bowling alley restaurant-the only place in town open at 5:30. While waking up I saw a very bright Venus next to a crescent moon on the horizon.

After breakfast I flew down the road, well rested but mostly drawn by excitement-today I was going to see my mommy. She was able to get a few free days so today she's flying into Denver, renting a car and driving down to Kansas. Which means that tonight, I get to stay in a motel room.

I stopped for lunch at noon and ate quickly, eager to see my mom and enjoy a rest day tomorrow. After lunch it was only 24 more miles. The miles flew by, despite the 100 degree temp. I also passed into Mountain Time Zone, putting me one hour closer to home.

I made it to the motel well ahead of mom, giving me time to explore town, shower and just relax. She arrived after 5 as tired as I was. We went out to dinner in town happy as heck to see each other. Yay, mommy's here!