Day 43 - 7/12
Larned, KS to Dighton, KS
101 (2500)

The entire park that I slept in last night was surrounded by backyards-backyards with dogs. It was like sleeping in a kennel. Anytime a dog on the other side of the park would bark, everyone else would bark. And yes, they'd bark at me anytime I jostled in my hammock.

Up early, I cruised through town and saw that they had a movie theater. I've been dying to see a movie-any movie. They were playing Dodgeball, and I could have easily made it to the 7:30 show last night. Oh well.

I decided to ride to the next town for breakfast. I had 14 miles of headwinds, but then, 19 miles of beautiful northbound road with only a gentle tailwind. Nevertheless, it was refreshing to ride at a nice 18 mph.

Upon making it to the next town, I found that there was no place for breakfast. So I continued down 20 miles to a rest area where I eat most everything in my bag at 11:30.

From that point it was just riding as usual. The winds were slowing me down a bit, but what really got me were any oncoming trucks. The force of wind as they passed by would slow me right down to 3 mph.

I ended up not really having lunch, but made up for it with a big dinner of chicken wraps and salad. You gotta love Kansas-this little town park has a swimming pool, which means a shower.

However, there are no bathroom facilities after the pool closes, so I have my bike all loaded and ready to go (except for hammock and sleeping bag) so I can get to a nearby breakfast place first thing in the morning. I'll leave it at that.