Day 42 - 7/11
Buhler, KS to Larned, KS
81 (2399)

I didn't sleep very well next to that squeaky old windmill. I got on the road an hour later than yesterday, but my ambitions were the same: another 100+ mile day.

As soon as I hit the road I noticed the headwinds that I would be riding in all day. Today was actually the most difficult day I've had the whole trip. With those windgusts blowing right into me, it's like riding uphill all day. My average speed today was 9.5 - it's usually 12.5 to 13. With a nice tailwind it can be an easy 18, but today I was not so lucky. I just dragged.

It was also one of the most remote days of the trip, with over 40 miles of straight road between towns. It being in the 90s and with me going so much slower than I planned, I ran out of water. Fortunately I finally came upon a home and asked them for a refill. They didn't offer me lemonade and fresh cookies or anything, but they were very nice.

In the town park now, obviously not as far as I hoped to go today, but very glad to be done for the day.