Eureka, KS to Buhler, KS
110 (2318)

Shortly into the ride I saw a bump on the early morning horizon with a flashing light. Another westbound cyclist. As I pushed on closer, I realized it was actually three. I ended up passing them, knowing that we'd meet up for breakfast in the next town. At breakfast I found out the 2 of the three were a married couple in their 40s from Richmond, VA and the other was from Holland. They all met up on the third day out on the TransAm and have been together ever since. They left from breakfast before me and stayed ahead of me as I dilly-dallied. While they planned a 75 mile day, I was looking to 100.

The rest of the day wasn't too exciting-gentle winds and hot weather in the mid-90s. After the group of three stopped for the night in Newton and I continued on, I passed two more solo eastbounders also headed for Newton. So there were 5 cyclists all staying in Newton that night and me, all alone, in a town 35 miles down the road.

It was a beautiful town park that I stayed at though. I got a shower at the town pool and am sleeping next to an old windmill.