Day 39 - 7/8
Golden City, MO to Chanute, KS
97 (2140)

After reading about their blueberry pancakes, I had to head back over to Cooky's for breakfast. Delicious. While at breakfast, one of the caretakers for the hostel, Paul, joined me for coffee and conversation.

The road out of Missouri was nice and flat. Just before the Kansas border, I passed an eastbounder. We chatted for a bit before moving on. As soon as I hit Kansas, the sun disappeared and thunderstorms filled the sky. I spent the rest of the day narrowly missing a storm then racing out of the direction of another. It was exciting to see lightning all around, hear the thunder, but just skirting the storm not getting nearly as wet as I could be.

Some may be surprised, but I found my first day in Kansas to be really beautiful. To just be able to see forever, surrounded by dramatic sky and riding straight, flat and empty roads-it's so refreshing. Tonight I'm camping out in the Chanute city park, hoping that I'll be as lucky as I was all day in avoiding the thunderstorms.