Day 38 - 7/7
Marshfield, MO to Golden City, MO
84 (2043)

I stayed up late watching TV and slept in nice and late too. I wasn't on the road until 10. I eagerly anticipated passing 2000 miles today plus seeing the end of the hilly Ozarks.

As the land began to flatten out in the afternoon, I was able to get some clear radio reception and listen to NPR. I bought the little handheld radio expecting to listen while riding, but reception while moving through the hills had always been tough. Now it's coming through clear.

At one point-and I'd never seen anything like this-a herd of cattle ran along the fence with me. Horses have done it, and of course dogs, but never 3 dozen head of cattle. Since then I've been calling to all the other cows I pass to run with me. They're content just to stare.

I arrived in Golden City very tired. It was a hot and humid day, and I really pushed myself. I arrived at a bicycle hostel that has been operated since the original TransAm in 1976. It was unhosted and I was the only guest, so I had a whole house to myself. I had dinner at Cooky's Cafe across the street, signed their biker book, and tasted their legendary pie. And then I tried one of the other pies. Good pie!