Day 37 - 7/6
Summersville, MO to Marshfield, MO
94 (1959)

Great weather today and more gentle terrain as the toughest of the Ozarks are behind me. The roads were quiet and relaxing.

I ended up going 63 miles before I finally stopped for lunch on the courthouse lawn in Hartville. While I was chowing an older man came over to chat. The conversation started with his conspiracy theories about modern medicine and ended up with him asking about my religious beliefs. While talking about medicine, he told me that I can make my own insulin by mixing 2 parts honey with 2 parts vinegar. I don't know how much a part is, but would it be the same as 1 part to 1 part?

I rode on, always more tired after lunch than before. I had considered continuing on towards Fair Grove which would have been a 100+ day, but decided to stick in Marshfield instead. The muscle behind my right knee was getting sore. I checked out the city park, but it felt a bit dodgy. I instead headed over to an equally dodgy motel for $35 a night. Some funny things about the place: the senile lady who works the front desk insisted that I put cardboard down in my room for the bike. When she brought a piece in and opened it up, 3 roaches scurried out onto the carpet. I guess that's why there's a fly swatter on the wall-something I've never seen in a motel. Also, I think they carefully re-wrapped a bar of handsoap that had been used just once. I'm taking it all in very good humor.