Days 35 and 36 - 7/4 & 7/5
Alley Spring, MO to Summersville, MO
17 (1865)

I woke up early and excited to head over to the canoe rental place. I actually ended up renting a kayak. I find them a bit more comfortable than a canoe, plus this one had a trunk to keep all my stuff dry.

They dropped me off on the quiet Current River by 8:30 am. From there I just floated on down the river. It wasn't a very fast moving river, so I ended up paddling more than expected. 35 river miles proved to be more work than expected, but my legs appreciated the break.

The night of July 4th I camped out on a gravel bar along the river. It had been sunny all day (I burned) and the night was just as clear. It was only the second night of the whole trip that I've seen stars. I made a campfire and my hammock hung near the river. Camping out in the wilderness was so refreshing compared to a campground or city park. It was so quiet and peaceful.

The next morning I continued floating, stopping at an amazing natural spring. It's not the largest spring in the state, but it is the bluest. I got to my pickup point by 1, though I had arranged for them to pick me up at 3. No problem-I sat along the river and read my book and hopped in the water every few minutes when I got hot.

By 4, I had been picked up and brought back to my bike to continue on. I wanted to get a small headstart on tomorrow, so I rode on up to the next town. I camped at the youth center where I was able to get a refreshing shower.