Day 32 - 7/1
Carbondale, IL to Chester, IL
50 (1691)

From Chris and Mike's house I headed a wopping 3 miles to downtown Carbondale for some filling breakfast. Mike had recommended Harbaugh's Cafe, and I was not disappointed. After breakfast, I was distracted again by a large grocery store, so I stopped to stockup on food. Finally, I made it out of town.

The route today offered two options, a hilly way or a flatter way that went along the Mississippi River with hardly any traffic. Yeah, I took that one. The flat lands and low traffic were nice, but the roads were under construction, half graveled, and it was windy. It was still a nice ride, it just goes to show that there isn't a perfect road.

The last 11 miles of the ride were along a busy highway with no shoulder. Of course, it started to storm, so the situation was a bit dangerous. But hey, here I am, drying out at the city park in Chester. It's nice to have a short day and take some time to work on my bike and relax, a little bit. I deserve it-it's been a month.