Day 31 - 6/30
Cave in Rock, IL to Carbondale, IL
86 (1641)

I keep sleeping in-my body is loving sleep right now and my hammock is so comfy. But still, I manage to get out of bed by 7:00am, eat and hit the road by 8:00am.

I was tired today. Every mile felt like a real struggle. I was half-glad that I was having problems with my rear derailleur because it gave me a half-hour break to work on my bike.

I stopped to make lunch at a bike trail park, where I encountered another eastbound couple. They were riding recumbents, those bikes that you ride while sitting back. They said they're really comfortable, but I'd worry about being that low to the ground. Yeah, like I'm any safer with my head 16 inches higher.

It's funny how you get used to a state then find that everything is done differently in another. The fact that 95% of Kentucky's roads have rumble strips on their shoulders was annoying, but the state was very well signed. Illinois is more conservative with their labeling of streets, which can be frustrating for navigation purposes. But the shoulders are more generous and traffic is generally lighter.

I'm staying in Carbondale tonight with the sister of the Oregonian writer, Holly Danks, who wrote an article about me (appearing in the July 1 issue). Chris, the sister, and her husband Mike were very kind to accept a stinky stranger into their home. They took me out to dinner at a terrific Mexican restaurant. I had the loudest sizzling fajitas ever and a huge beer.
Thanks guys!