Day 30 - 6/29
Utica, KY to Cave-in-Rock, IL
84 (1557)

Had a great night at the firehouse enjoying the company of Rick and Sharon. It seems that they're going at a more leisurely and, I'm sure, a more enjoyable pace at about 50 miles a day.

While cruising along, I passed two more solo eastbound folks. I chatted with the second guy more than the first. His name was Joel and he was on his way back home to Baltimore. He recommended some good sites to see in the Missouri Ozarks. He also said that the toughest is behind me. From here on, the terrain is easier, the scenery is nicer, and the people are more friendly.

I stopped in Clay for lunch and gorged myself on salad and fried chicken-good stuff. From there it was just a nice ride through rural Kentucky-the last as I made it to the ferry on the Ohio River and passed over to Illinois.

I'm camping just over the river at Hole in Rock, a cave that was once used by river pirates. Doing these long ride days is tough because I get in so late and I'm so tired. But camp needs to be set, dinner needs to be made, and the laundry has to get done.