Day 29 - 6/28
Upton, KY to Utica, KY
101 (1473)

I made up for a light dinner with a big hearty breakfast. Again, I always feel a bit out of place walking into a locals joint stinking to high hell, but everyone is so friendly and interested in my trip. The woman who ran the restaurant had a journal for all cross-country cyclists to sign. A nice way to make an out-of-towner feel welcome.

And I just kept riding, all the way up past 100. Kentucky's growing on me-very nice rural countryside. Oh yeah, just south of Whitesville, I passed two guys on a bridge shooting rifles into the creek below. I get scared riding by rednecks holding double-barreled shotguns in the middle of nowhere.

Tonight I'm staying at the fire station in Utica, complete with showers, a kitchen, and friendly company-a retired couple from northern California, also headed west.