Day 28 - 6/27
Mammoth Caves, KY to Upton, KY
42 (1372)

I had another cave tour, this one longer, more crowded and well lit. It wasn't as good as yesterday's. The thing about Mammoth is that it's a dry cave-really big-but there aren't the formations like you find at a place like Carlsbad. It was still a fun tour, but I think the caves are better enjoyed as an experience rather than seeing 'em all lit up.

After the tour at about 4, I rode back north to rejoin the route. I was kinda stupid-I should have bought some food when I had the chance, it being Sunday and all, but I didn't, so by the time I reached the campground in Upton, everything was closed. The lady at the campground gave me a fruitcup. I ended up eating a big bowl of corn flakes for dinner.