Day 27 - 6/26
Hodgenville, KY to Mammoth Caves, KY
50 (1330)

I woke up in a panic, fearing that I wouldn't be able to cover the 50 miles to Mammoth Caves before 2:15 when my first cave tour was scheduled. I packed up quickly and started pedaling in the drizzling rain. It was a quiet, scenic and smooth ride. I arrived well ahead of schedule, checking into the campground before noon.

It turned out that I had passed over into the central time zone, so I actually had quite a bit of time to relax around camp.

The tour was great. It was a lantern tour with only about 40 others on the trip. Having only 16 oil lanterns, visibility was very low. Our guide, who was incredibly entertaining, kept emphasizing that we won't be seeing the cave, rather we'll be experiencing it. Our guide told great stories that heightened the experience.