Day 25 - 6/24
Berea, KY to Bardstown, KY
100 (1238)

Hell yeah! My first 100 mile day. I was planning to go as far as Springfield today at 75 miles, but then looking at the map, saw that Bardstown was only another 25, which would make an even hundred, so I went for it. I got into camp at about 7:30.

Eric dropped me off in Berea first thing in the morning so I could rejoin my route. The flatter terrain combined with having had a rest day made for a smooth ride.

Late in the day I passed an eastbound rider who was trying to get to Connecticut by July 4th. After he left, I thought about how difficult that would be-over 1200 miles and the Appalachians in just a week and a half. Good luck buddy! One funny thing though, while we chatted he leaned over and picked-up a Mountain Dew bottle from the side of the road and unscrewed the cap. It seems he's been picking up the caps ever since San Francisco and has now collected over 900. He says he's going to have a lot of points to get whatever Mt. Dew gear he wants.

I also passed my first westbounder! He was an older gentleman and it was his first day. I passed him as he battled leg cramps while walking his bike up a hill. I may get the chance to pass him again as I will be taking an 87 mile detour to visit Mammoth Caves this weekend.

Tonight I'm camping out at My Old Kentucky Home State Park. It is this place that inspired Stephen Foster's music. I got in just a few minutes too late to attend the Stephen Foster Musical, otherwise I'd be much more knowledgeable and have more to share.