Day 23 - 6/22
Booneville, KY to Richmond, KY
61 (1138)

It rained most of the night. Fortunately I had setup my hammock inside the gazebo. Nighttime brought quite a sight: dozens of fireflies lighting up the field behind the church. It was really beautiful.

It was a really nice ride today-in scenery that is. Knowing that I was
approaching the end of the Appalachians, I kept hoping that each hill was my last. They kept coming.

I had a mayonaise problem. As one can imagine, I've been eating a lot of tuna, and my mayo and relish packet supply was quickly depleted. For days I've been stopping in markets to snag some more packets. Nothing. So for lunch today, I had only packet to use over two containers of tuna. Uh-oh! Wait, it gets worse. That one packet I did have exploded all over my food bag. So I had dry tuna for lunch and a big mess to cleanup. Poor me.

At the point were the route continued west to Berea, I took a detour to the
Savage home in Richmond for a much needed rest day and some human contact. The road that I took into town was among the nicest I've ridden on, and it wasn't even on route. Who knows what other gems could be just a little ways off my map. Once in town, Eric came to pick me up and deliver me to a world of warm showers and clean laundry.