Day 22 - 6/21
Pippa Passes, KY to Booneville, KY
74 (1077)

The Kentucky Appalachians are like a rollercoaster. Constant hills-much more difficult than Virginia. I stopped by a mega-Walmart to get some fresh veggies. Almost all of the stores I've passed have been little more than convenience stores with nothing fresh. For once, Walmart was a welcome sight.

The day went on as usual. I saved a couple of turtles that were slowly
working their way across the street. After having seen several squished
turtles, I couldn't help but stop and move them off the road.

I arrived in Booneville later than I've been accustomed to, simply because it was a hot and tiring day. I passed two eastbounders. It turns out that there are a few people just a day or two ahead of me. Still the big mystery: who's behind me?

I stayed behind the Presbyterian Church that night. They've built a little
picnic gazebo just for bicyclists complete with a (cold!) shower.