Day 21 - 6/20
Breaks, VA to Pippa Passes, KY
71 (1003)

Camping in the rain wasn't so bad. I'm so amazed at how dry and comfortable I am in that hammock. I'm just beginning to figure out the best way to set it up and sleep in it. I slept so well.

I can't figure this out: why are people building campfires when it's 75
degrees out? I know they're camping, but I wouldn't want to go near a fire
when it's that warm. Then the next morning at 6:30-when it's easily in the 60s-they're making a new fire. They're in shorts and t-shirt, making a fire.

Just a few miles down the road, I found myself in Kentucky. It proved to be a tough hill day with three big 1000 foot climbs. And speaking of thousands, I also crossed over to my first 1000 miles. A day to celebrate!

3 dog chases and 1 redneck yelling something from his window. Pretty uneventful. I arrived that night at the Pippa Passes bike hostel, hosted by an older couple. Ed and Charlotte hosted the 3000 bicyclists that participated in the original TransAm-the Bikecentennial in 1976. They now have their basement all setup for overnight guests and charge just $7.25.

And oh boy did I enjoy watching some TV. I saw the finale of WB's Superstar, the Clinton interview on 60 Minutes, and the Simpsons.