Day 20 - 6/19
Rosedale, VA to Breaks Interstate Park, VA
47 (932)

Um! Looking forward to tomorrow, for I'll reach Kentucky and crack my first thousand miles. Today was not such an accomplishment. I find that I'm riding faster and stronger, but I'm somewhat limited in how far I can travel in a day by the accommodation situation. I'm traveling through coal-country right now-my guidebook and several others have warned: watch out for the rednecks. A lot of the area I've been traveling through and will be for the next few days is depressed. It'd be beautiful countryside if it weren't for the human stain. About 5 miles away from my campground, it began to rain. Then it poured. I got into my $10 site soaking wet with the rain still coming down. I threw my small tarp up over the picnic table and made lunch. A few hours later, I'm out at another end of the park at an outdoor gospel concert. It's not like the gospel music I heard in NYC. More country, less soul. ___