Day 18-6/17
Wytheville, VA to Damascus, VA
59 (850)

I experienced a bit of frustration last night with a local bike mechanic. He was a really great guy and gave me a good deal on an upgrade to my gear-ring upgrade, but his back was hurting so he asked if he could do it later that night. By 10 I still hadn't heard from him and I was getting pretty tired, so I called and woke him up. He got right on it, and by 11:30 pm I had a bike that was a little easier to ride uphill. Testing it out today, the time, money and frustration were well worth. Although I wish I'd been able to get some even lower gears, this combo helps. Today's ride was actually really pretty. Lots of trees and streams and few vehicles. I was really excited about getting to Damascus, an intersection of sorts for bicyclists and hikers. However, upon arriving, I doubted that I'd be able to spend a full rest day here. There just doesn't seem like much going on. I might stay, I might push on. Morning will tell.