Day 14 - 6/13
Afton, VA to Mallard Duck Campground (9 miles east of Lexington, VA)
43 (632)

With such a full kitchen, I couldn't resist making some breakfast: french toast and bacon. I was out of there by 9, up the big hill to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The road runs near the crest of the mountains, up and down. It looked like the highest point of my day was 3200 feet-quite a climb from 1000 foot Charlottesville. I saw several more bicyclists, very few cars, and a lot of motorcycles. I saw the first of a couple of eastern-bounders. Oh how it must feel to be in the homestretch.

After the day along the ridge, the route pulled me off the mountains onto the other side of the range. The temperature, which had been a brisk 55 degrees, rised to 75 as I descended 2000 feet over 4 miles.

From there it was a pretty short cruise into the campground. I got in at 3, actually feeling like I could do some more. But I stopped cause hey,
it's Sunday.