Day 13 - 6/12
Charlottesville, VA to Afton, VA
32 (589)

Slept in and ate a motel donut. Hit the road for a very short day. Tonight I was going to stay with the Cookie Lady.

The CL has been part of the TransAm trail since it's inception in 1976. She's turned the entire lower half of her home into part hostel, part museum. Four rooms are filled with postcards, articles, books and any other piece of memorabilia imaginable. I pedaled up just as 4 bicycle tourers were leaving. Finally-someone else is doing this. And easily carrying twice as much as I am. The CL saw them off then greeted me with a whole table of cookies. She showed me inside of her home and let the stories roll.

The kitchen was overflowing with food-so much food donated by local kids and dropped by weighed-down bicyclists. I made myself some lunch then started to explore the house. Over 10,000 bicylists have come through her place-she has the photos and guestbook to prove it. People have mailed her postcards from all over the world.

After lunch two more riders pulled in, well, that's not quite right because one was running. Yeah, one person, Matt is running from DC to San Francisco. He and his wife, Laura, who is bicycling along with him, are doing about 30 miles a day, a rate that will get them to the Pacific in about October. Can you imagine running a marathon everyday for the next 4-5 months?

So we had a good ol' time chating about the route and eating Cookie Lady's food and listening to her stories. If only there were more Cookie Ladies out there...