Day 11 - 6/10
Fredericksburg, VA to Mineral, VA

Loaded up on the Days Inn free breakfast and was off. Fortunately, getting out of town was much easier than getting in, but still, very little shoulders.

Today was an exciting day, as I would finally connect with TransAmerica route that will lead me all the way to Oregon. Looking at the maps I decided to go off route in a SW direction to a small town called Mineral. The miles went by pretty quick and I found myself in town by noon. I contemplated continuing on to the next town, but that would have been another 60 miles, making today a 90+ mile day. No thanks. Decided instead to chill out here in the backyard of the Mineral Fire Department, where the allow bicyclists to camp for free.

And I was chased by my first dog today. I hoped off my bike as soon as he started chasing so I could keep something between us. He kept biting at my pack straps, but he was never able to get to my delicious, juicy ankles. Maybe I should pickup some pepperspray as some guidebooks recommend.