Day 10 - 6/9
Annadale, VA to Fredericksburg, VA

Worried about traffic leaving the DC metro area not to mention the code orange air quality warning that had been issued for the hot and humid day,
I pushed out of Nancy and Bonnie's place by 6:30. Fortunately my route out
of the city led me the opposite of most traffic. I made a really silly navigational decision which added a few miles to my trip.

As I discovered that day, Virginia is not as generous with its road shoulders as Pennsylvania and Maryland. Out here, in most places, the road ends at the white line. Plus Virginia seems to have a lot more big trucks, or rather, I'm riding more along their routes.

The weather was horribly hot and humid. I ran through my water faster than expected, but got a refill at an animal shelter. Pedaling was tough in the weather, though I suppose it was better than the rain.

I got lost entering Fredericksburg, so upon consulting the map, I plotted my most direct route to my motel, right along route 1. It may have well been and interstate with no shoulder. Traffic was fast and heavy, but I finally made it to the Days Inn (only $30!). With no sidewalks or crosswalk, I risked the busy traffic to get some Arby's for dinner.