Day 7 - 6/6
Baltimore, MD to Washington, DC
65 (376)

I didn't want to leave the bed, but I really wanted to get through Baltimore at an early hour. Checked-out by 7:15, I was off. I went through some rundown areas of Baltimore, but it didn't feel as unsafe as I had feared.

After over 350 miles on roads so far, I was looking forward to the 20 mile stretch of bike paths that lead from Maryland into DC. I now wish I had stayed on the road. The paths were poorly marked--I got lost and had to backtrack several times. There were several muddy patches and I had my first fall. The bike slipped right out from under me and the 65 pound bike came down on my hip. Ouch. Oh, and I had my first flat tire--then my second! It was a bad path.

All out of spare tubes, I called cousin Nancy to see if she could come pick me up in DC--fortunately I had made it that far. Bless her, she came right over and brought me across the river to her home in Annadale, Virginia with her mother Bonnie. I'm now taking a much-needed rest day, hoping to see a few DC sites and let my hip heal a bit.