Day 6 - 6/5
York Furnace, PA to Baltimore, MD
55 (311)

It rained all night--poured rain. Woke up early and pulled all my stuff to a covered shelter at the campground to get packed up. I took my time, hoping that the rain would ease-up and go away. That wasn't going to happen.

I took off up a long hill with my rain jacket and pants on. And I just rode and rode in the pouring rain. It never stopped. I'm sure that over the course of the day more than a thousand people passed me trudging up a hill with a fully loaded bike soaked to the bone and said, "That doesn't look like fun." It's true, it wasn't.

I managed to make some hotel reservations for Baltimore. I ended up with a huge suite with a kitchen and it's own bedroom for $89. Hopefully that will be the most I will need to pay for accomodations. I had planned to stay at the Baltimore youth hostel, but really when I say planned, I just mean presumed because I never called ahead. They were closed for renovation.

Although after the wet day I had today, I was much better off in a hotel than a hostel.